7 Causes for asphalt damage in Australia

7 Causes for Asphalt Damage

We live in time in overconsumption – and this is not a bad thing!

When it comes to asphalt surfaces like driveways or roads, overconsumption will wear & tear the asphalt.

Unfortunately, we as humans are guilty of over-consuming with little effort to restore what has been worn & torn early.

Over time, asphalt pavements don’t look or function as good as they used to. There are many reasons for needing an asphalt upgrade, such as:

  • The driveway is now collecting rain water rather than letting the rain water flow into drains
  • People are slipping in your driveway
  • Pot holes have developed
  • The colour of your driveway doesn’t look like it used to


Whatever your reason is, Ground Fix Landscapes has you covered.

It’s always a great idea to look at the root cause of anything in life – asphalt driveways included. Without addressing, preventing or resolving the cause, a vicious cycle of “too many repairs” happens. Circling back to overconsumption, there are various causes for asphalt damage. Here are just 7 causes:


Cause 1: H2O

Water is great for humans. Large amounts of water is not good for asphalt driveways. Our team keep this in mind and will work with you to prevent water from collecting on your driveway.


Cause 2: Pot Holes

This may seem like an obvious cause. But most pot holes develop over time from a small hole to a large hole. As soon as you notice a small pot hole, we recommend resolving it before the problem becomes too large.


Cause 3: Improper Installation

We see it so often: people relying on DIY methods because it’s more cost efficient. However in the long-run, it could cost you more in repairs. Our team at Ground Fix Landscapes install asphalt driveways efficiently to prevent many issues in the future.


Cause 4: Planting Trees

Have you decided to plant a tree? That is incredible! We recommend not planting the tree too close to your asphalt driveway as the roots can damage the asphalt over time.


Cause 5: Leaking Oil

It’s inevitable that your car will, on occasion, leak oil. Cleaning up an oil spill fast will prevent issues for your asphalt driveway. This is because if the oil has spent enough time drying on your asphalt, damage will occur.


Cause 6: Heavy Vehicles

Some households may be unable to avoid this, but knowing this could show you why your driveway is cracking. Oxygen causes a black asphalt surface to turn grey over time. During the oxidation process, heavy vehicles cause asphalt surfaces to crack.


Cause 7: Time

Time can be our greatest healer and also our worst enemy. Over time, everything breaks down and doesn’t work as good as it used to. Until we manage to find a cure for time breaking things down, we must adapt.

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