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Asphalt Installation Price Factors

While the average cost for asphalt driveways is relatively low, there are several factors that can affect the final price for any project involving this material, specifically if homeowners are laying down a new driveway.

The following list outlines some of these common factors that can impact asphalt paving costs.

Material Cost:

Factors such as freight, the current market price, and fuel surcharges all impact the raw price of material used for your parking lot or driveway.

Drainage and other additions: The life of any paved surface improves with proper drainage.

Base Coat: At minimum, plan on two coats, base and top, for any job. The higher the material quality and the more time spent on the base, the longer the life of the paved surface will be.
Specialized Top Coats and Sealants: General top coats and sealants costs depend mostly on the size of the area.

Excavation and Clearing: If no current surface exists, workers need to make sure there is adequate room for the new pavement.

Foundation: The installation of gravel below the asphalt is necessary for drainage.

If you would like to know more about different surfacing options please give us a call for advice.

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