Driveways made from Bitumen with Superior Durability

By hiring our bitumen driveway services, you can transform the style of your entire house frontage easily.

How Is Bitumen Installed? 

After the prep work is completed (which is almost identical for bitumen as it is for asphalt paving)

First a coat of hot liquid Bitumen is applied to the existing surface. This is accomplished by using a computer-controlled distributor truck equipped with spray bars, to apply an exact and consistent amount of liquid Bitumen heated to the right temperature.

Then a clean, 10 mm stone is spread using a spreader box attached to the truck transporting the gravel. The stone adheres to the hot liquid asphalt

Finally, a roller is used to compact the stone into the bitumen. Then process is repeated on jobs where multiple courses are required.

What About the Cost? 

As with rising cost of oil, fuel and asphalt all pavements whether it is asphalt concrete or bitumen grow higher every year as well. But Bitumen is about 40% less than what asphalt costs to get installed Plus it costs less to keep because it is maintenance free. Concrete is the most expensive of the three pavements.

What areas do you cover? 

We provide Asphalt Driveway, Parking lots and Pothole repair services for the whole Victoria area.