Restore & Protect your Driveway with Professional Cleaning & Sealing

There are many types of driveway surfaces across Australia and and like any external surface a driveway will soon look dirty if left to deteriorate without any aspect of maintenance taking place.

For many, the driveway is the entrance to your business or home and the first thing your visitors see.

Unfortunately, the driveway is often overlooked when cleaning or performing regular maintenance, resulting in dirt, grime and moss building up, as well as fading from UV exposure.

If you neglect your driveways and walkways then serious and very expensive repair jobs may be required in order to fix them.

Our driveway cleaners across the New South Wales will always pre-treat a driveway first prior to pressure cleaning. This is vitally important to ensure any oil or diesel stains are removed and any moss or algae growth is killed off before the driveway is pressure washed.



Our focus is on quality, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. You will find our team of professionals courteous, trustworthy and convenient.

driveway cleaning and sealing

If you require a local professional to clean and seal your driveway we can help. All refurbishment materials for sealing or coating your driveway maintain consistency of workmanship amongst our staff who clean and seal driveways.

If your driveway needs a clean, please call  1300 513 642