We’ve all seen potholes in our own street and on city roads, but do you know how they’re formed?

A pothole is formed after small cracks begin to appear in the road allowing water to seep into the underlayers of the materials, then at night or on cold days the water freezes causing the road to expand, and when the ice melts, it contracts back down.

This constant cycle of expanding and contracting is what causes those pesky potholes to form, and if not caught and fixed in time they can cause massive damage to pedestrians and vehicles.

Here are some of the things that can happen if a pothole is not repaired in time

Tripping and falling

Have you ever just been walking down the road and haven’t been paying attention to where you’re walking and then suddenly catch the tip of your foot on something and lose your balance? For the average person this isn’t a huge deal, but for children and the elderly who don’t have a good balance, this could lead to injury.

Just stepping into a pothole and losing your footing could cause you to trip and fall, resulting in hitting your head on the ground causing pain and injury, so it’s best to catch these things before you or anyone is hurt.

Flat tyres

The last thing anyone wants on their way to or from work is a flat tyre and it’s not just because of the cost of getting a new one, you either must go through the straining task of changing it yourself or wait an hour for a tow truck to come and replace it for you.

Buying a new tyre can be expensive so choosing to fill a pothole in your street before it happens is the smartest choice you could make for you and the rest of your neighbours.


Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere, but when it comes to car accidents it’s better to take every precaution rather than leaving it to chance. Losing control of your car because you’ve hit a pothole is not only dangerous for you but for anyone that happens to be walking or driving near you at the time.

Many accidents could be avoided just by making our roads safer, and the best way to ensure they’re safe is to report any problems you see to the professionals so they can fix them before someone gets hurt.


Every road eventually gets potholes it’s just how things are so when this does happen it’s best to get on top of it as soon as possible before something terrible happens, thankfully Ground Fill Landscape specialises in asphalt and pothole repairs, so you don’t need to worry.

If you see a pothole in your street or around your town give Ground Fill Landscapes a call on 1300513642 or head on over to our Facebook page for a free same day quote on the job.

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